Trucks inner tubes

A distinctive feature of cargo inner tubes in comparison with cars is their resistance to high loads, in view of the dimensions of the transport for which they are intended. So in passenger inner tubes, the wall thickness is approximately 1.5-2.5 mm, and in inner tubes for freight transport, agricultural or industrial equipment, it can reach 6 mm.

Trucks inner tubes

Trucks MAZ, KamAZ, KrAZ, ZIL, GAZ, as well as buses such as LAZ and PAZ require the use of a pneumatic tube tire. It is easy to find a tube for it, since its marking coincides with the standard size of the tire for which it is intended. However, attention must be paid to the type of valve. A rim tape or flipper will prevent the tube from getting pinched between the tire bead and the rim, and from damage to the wheel rim and bead.

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